Assessment of Key Road Operator Actions to Support Automated Vehicles

Assessment of Key Road Operator Actions to Support Automated Vehicles

The report is intended to provide guidance to Australia and New Zealand in planning road changes for the introduction of automated vehicles. Key issues that are discussed in this report include physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure, and road operations. The analysis of each issue includes different possible use cases of automated vehicles and includes discussion of optimal conditions required to support the introduction of automated vehicles.

"Australian and New Zealand road agencies and operators are preparing for the introduction of Automated Vehicles (AVs). 'This report investigates the potential changes needed to the way road networks are managed to consistently support and optimize the outcomes from the introduction of AVs. The project reviewed international and local documents and initiatives and consulted a range of stakeholders to determine the emerging requirements for AVs to operate on public and private road networks (including urban and rural areas).

The report captures key issues in three broad categories:

• physical infrastructure

• digital infrastructure

• road operations.

The report concludes with high level guidance for road agencies and operators. There are obvious challenges in providing practical guidance to agencies in a still evolving and changing environment, and some of the guidance, although still relevant, may be beyond the purview of individual road operators."

Key findings

"Physical infrastructure requirements of our roads will differ for different AVs, and for different use cases. Feedback suggests that many AVs will be designed to operate on our road networks as they currently are. However, to best support a wide range of AVs and their use cases, the following physical infrastructure design and maintenance elements were identified as requiring consideration by road operators: physical attributes, road pavement and structures, signs and lines, roadworks, and AV certification."

"Digital infrastructure requirements, in a similar manner to physical infrastructure, will vary depending on the AV and the use case being supported. Data management, positioning services, and communication technologies are important areas to be considered. The following issues with digital infrastructure may need to be considered to support AVs operating across the road network: low geographical coverage of cellular communication services, access to a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS), and availability of mapping data."

"Road operations may need to evolve to support new use cases that come with the introduction of AVs, and to optimize the potential transport outcomes across a road network. The following issues may require further consideration: network management approaches, standards, guidelines and regulations, and planning of roadwork events."

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