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GM's Cruise is working towards making an efficient, safe, and affordable new transportation mode. Self-described as "what you'd build if there were no cars," Cruise creates an experience geared towards the rider.

Key findings

"Never blinking and always alert to what’s in front, behind, and all around it, the Origin will operate beyond human capabilities. Its multi-layered suite of sensors sees broader wavelength spectrums than humanly possible, and its AI processes decisions faster than the human brain. This will give the Origin the ability to see at night and through poor weather conditions while its self-driving technology improves with every drive."

"With the Origin’s ability to drive day and night and last for more than a million miles, we’ll be able to cut up to $5,000 in transportation costs per San Francisco household, per year."

"Transportation is the link to our community. But more than 6 million people in the United States with a disability routinely experience obstacles accessing the transportation they need. Self-driving cars have the potential to help 2 million people with a disability join the workforce by solving for today's mobility barriers."

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