Digitizing Curbs Would Help AVs (and Humans) Navigate Our Cities

Digitizing Curbs Would Help AVs (and Humans) Navigate Our Cities

In many cities, distinguishing between parking spaces, loading zones, and passenger drop-off sites is headache-inducing (and complicated for AI to understand). This new digital tool that maps curb use in real time will help.

Key findings

Having a digital tool that maps out, in great detail, how curb spaces can be used across a city would allow all street users to better understand how to use this infrastructure, and will form the backbone of crucial data that programmers can feed to autonomous vehicles so they can understand not only how to navigate streets, but also how and when and where they can pull over and use the curbs.

A difficulty is that cities generally have different ways of denoting how curbs can be used, and for what.

To resolve this issue, the Curbs API normalizes information. For example, yellow for loading zones and light blue for free parking.

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