Emerging Mobility Evaluation Report

Emerging Mobility Evaluation Report

The Transportation Authority’s “Emerging Mobility Evaluation Report” provides the first comprehensive look at the rapidly evolving emerging mobility sector in San Francisco. The report outlines the range of services operating in San Francisco, covering everything from ride-hail services to autonomous vehicles and microtransit to scooter sharing. In the report, the Transportation Authority evaluates how these services and technologies align with the city’s 10 Guiding Principles related to collaboration, safety, transit, congestion, sustainability, equitable access, accountability, labor, disabled access, and financial impact.

Key findings

The 10 guiding principles for emerging mobility are intended to help with financial stress and impact, congestion, access, and more.

Partnerships with public and private companies are essential to the seamless operations of emerging technologies in transportation. Cities need adequate data to support decision making and continuous progression of the changing transportation landscape.

Prioritizing previously established transit options and fixing transit gaps is the best way to move forward efficiently and equitably.

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