Emerging Technologies and Cities: Assessing the Impacts of New Mobility on Cities

Emerging Technologies and Cities: Assessing the Impacts of New Mobility on Cities

The purpose of this report is to analyze potential impacts and offer recommendations for the cities of Gresham and Eugene, OR, to understand the potential impacts of new mobility technologies – with an emphasis on autonomous vehicles (AVs) – and prepare a policy and programmatic response. While Gresham and Eugene are case studies, it provides mid-sized communities information on how new mobility services could impact their communities and what they can do about it, from broad strategies to specific policy responses. While this work focuses on the various new mobility and goods delivery services that currently exist, the framework that is discussed here is also applicable to emerging technologies that haven’t yet been introduced, such as autonomous vehicles (AVs).

Key findings

A new mobility strategy should:

• Start with community values and goals.
• Coordinate with regional partners.
• Develop a data privacy, management, and analysis plan.
• Continue to learn from new mobility and e-commerce research, policies, and programs in larger cities and regions across the U.S.
• Inform decision makers and residents about how emerging technologies are impacting cities.

In addition, a new mobility strategy should ensure that cities can:

• Improve safety
• Improve social equity
• Promote active transportation
• Decrease greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental quality
• Reduce vehicle miles traveled and congestion
• Adapt right-of-way design and management for new mobility services
• Consider and manage changes in land use and metropolitan footprint
• Make informed decisions by requiring information
• Manage innovation
• Consider fiscal impacts and opportunities

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