How Populus Is Improving Use Of City Curbs With Lime

How Populus Is Improving Use Of City Curbs With Lime

As private mobility services such as car-sharing, ridehailing, and micromobility have rapidly expanded in cities, the public sector has historically had limited access to data on how these vehicles are changing travel patterns and the movement of people. Populus has launched a platform to change that.

Key findings

A partnership between Populus and Lime to facilitate data sharing from their free-floating car-sharing service, the LimePod marks the first time that a private operator of shared cars is proactively delivering GPS based data through a trusted, third-party platform for data transparency.

Populus receives real-time data from Lime’s shared car fleet in a standardized format in order to report on parking utilization and deliver key insights to the city. A core feature of Populus Mobility Manager is the validation of where shared vehicles use parking to facilitate the payment of (in this case) pre-determined parking fees.

GPS based data from shared cars can also help cities assess the utilization of street parking to develop new and improved curb management strategies.

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