National Summit on Design & Urban Mobility

National Summit on Design & Urban Mobility

On May 10, 2017, Mayor William Peduto charged 120 National Summit on Design & Urban Mobility delegates with the following challenge: “we must develop and carry-out a new social compact for mobility in cities. Now is the time to address mobility to ensure that we serve and support core community values of equity, inclusiveness, sustainability, and collective advancement. A social compact with shared and autonomous mobility providers ensures that these services do good for communities while these businesses do well in cities.

Key findings

This report identified fundamental urban values that cut across people, places and policy needs and include equity, safety, health, and sociability.

To serve these values, delegates recommend that emerging urban mobility platforms and services adhere to nine basic principles:

  1. Be accessible - physically, economically, and culturally;
  2. Be safe, secure, and reliable;
  3. Strengthen walkability, mass transit, and community;
  4. Ensure private partners share in incentives, outcomes, and rewards;
  5. Include full cost accounting including the use of facilities and impacts on systems and workers;
  6. Reinvest in mobility systems;
  7. Proactively manage change for equitable outcomes;
  8. Reduce vehicle trips in the system; and
  9. Treat the community as shareholders.
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