Partnerships with Technology-Enabled Mobility Companies: Lessons Learned

Partnerships with Technology-Enabled Mobility Companies: Lessons Learned

"This research explored how these new options could be synergistic with public transit models and detailed the experiences of two transit operators that entered into service delivery partnerships with a transportation network company and a micro- transit operator. Based on a series of interviews and the experiences of these two public agencies, this research provides a set of key takeaways and recommendations for transit operators exploring the potential of partnering with new mobility services such as transportation network companies (e.g., Uber or Lyft) and microtransit (e.g., Bridj or Via)."

Key findings

Partnerships with TNCs and microtransit options are brand new to the markets, best practices for these arrangements have not yet been identified.

A lack of framework in the regulations and poor interpretation  of the applied laws has been a problem for the existing agreements.

No method has been found that can ensure the availability of vehicles that are ADA.

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