Preparing for New Mobility: Writing Effective Resolutions

Preparing for New Mobility: Writing Effective Resolutions

The purpose of this White Paper is to help cities prepare in advance for autonomous technology by passing formal resolutions and setting in motion Smart Mobility Plans. The document covers: Terminology, Benefits and risks associated with autonomous technology, Common autonomous vehicle deployment phases, How changing transportation technology affects governance, Approaches for harnessing benefits while limiting risks, Examples, Developing resolutions – local context, Conclusion and sample resolution language. The sample language and bullet points can also be used for presentations, policy papers, Comprehensive or Transportation Plan updates and memos. Much of the information is also helpful when drafting policy on other types of technology, including ridehailing/sharing services and smart city technology (e.g., Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors).

Key findings

While the exact steps to autonomous travel are not fully clear, it is helpful to forecast how changes in transportation could impact governance. We can already document trends and use this information to set policy: Service privatization, Revenue changes, Sensors & data, Public Acceptance, Forecasting, Parking, Urban/Community Design, Active Transportation, Transit Oriented Development, and Shifting infrastructure demand.

Resolutions can offer high level aspirations, or include detailed information on policy and programs. At the higher level, cities can include concepts such as the following: Priority on people + places, Harmonizing multiple modes and technology, Working with your state, Policy development, Managing disruption.

New mobility is not about technology. It is about leveraging technology to move people and goods in ways that are safer, more efficient and more enjoyable than systems we now have in place. To that end, walking and bicycling are still the original on-demand technology that deliver multiple benefits.

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