Seattle Climate Action Plan

Seattle Climate Action Plan

"In response to the Trump administration’s withdrawal of support for the international Paris Climate Agreement last year, the City Council adopted Resolution 31757, affirming Seattle's commitment to the goals established in the Paris Agreement, and directing the Office of Sustainability & Environment (OSE) to identify the actions necessary to do our part to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The resulting actions, developed under the leadership of Mayor Durkan, reflect a tipping point in the transition to Seattle’s zero emissions future. They are designed to move beyond incremental change and fundamentally reshape our building and transportation systems for a fossil fuel-free future."

Key findings

Seattle is ultimately committed to expansion biking, walking, and transit infrastructure.

Two-thirds of the city's GHG emissions are from transportation, congestion pricing, ridesharing, and EV charging expansion are the primary ways the City hopes to encourage more fuel-efficient travel.

Building are the other one-third of Seattle emissions, incentivizing performance standards and adopting a tiered energy code for residential areas will help improve emissions city-wide.

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