Smart Mobility Roadmap

Smart Mobility Roadmap

As a strategic roadmap, this document does not commit to specific budgets or metrics but serves as a vision and communications document to capture a wide variety of viewpoints into Austin’s mobility future. This roadmap will be incorporated into the larger Austin Strategic Mobility Plan to be finalized and approved at a future date. Critical to the development of the broader Mobility Plan will be an extensive analysis of the resource requirements for implementation of this shared, electric and autonomous vehicle (e-av) Roadmap.

Key findings

The first section of this roadmap will provide insight into each of these areas as well as the convergence of technology. It also discusses national efforts related to shared, electric and autonomous mobility.

The second section looks at how this technology will affect Austin, through the lenses of equity, affordability and safety. Economic impacts and workforce implications are also investigated, especially as they relate to autonomous vehicles.

The final section encompasses the nuts and bolts of the roadmap, discussing the current Council and Board resolutions and initiatives. It uses historical data from Austin and other cities on how executing a plan like this relates to project and operational resources.

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