Urbanism Next: Residential Preference

Urbanism Next: Residential Preference

Residential Preference: the social, environmental, and physical preferences that affect a person or family’s choice of residential location (for our purposes, in relation to the urban core and other amenities offered as a part of living in density) The introduction of autonomous vehicles and the comprehensive integration of E-commerce into the urban and suburban fabric will have a widespread effect on the factors the influence a resident’s location preference.

Key findings

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to be faster, easier and more efficient than other forms of transportation. “Workers will have more freedom in terms of residential location choices, i.e. they can live closer to other education facilities and infrastructures that they need to consume, rather than being constrained by the location of their offices.” -Zhang, Wenwen and Dr. Subhrajit Guhathakurta. “Residential Location Choice for Workers in the Era of Shared Autonomous Vehicles.”

Ecommerce nearly eliminates one of the major forces of migration to cities (proximity to resources) “Some analysts predict nearly 33 percent will be closed within the next few years.” -Supply Chain 24/7. (2016) What’s Behind Macy’s Closing 100 Stores? Retrieved from http://www.supplychain247.com/article/whats_behind_macys_closing_100_stores

Differences in residential preference between generations will be a determining factor in the vitality and viability of urban cores. "62% of millennials prefer to live in mixed-use communities found in urban centers, closer to shops, restaurants, and the office." -NAR: National Association of Realtors.(2013). NAR’s 2013 Community Preference Survey. Retrieved from https://www.nar.realtor/reports/nar-2015-community-preference-survey

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