Walmart Announces Next-Day Delivery on 200K+ Items in Select Markets

Walmart Announces Next-Day Delivery on 200K+ Items in Select Markets

Walmart announced free next-day delivery for online orders over $35. The offer will begin in Phoenix and Las Vegas and gradually spread across the rest of the United States.

Key findings

Walmart's "NexDay delivery will be available as a standalone, curated shopping experience where customers can browse up to 220,000 of the most frequently purchased items. This includes things like diapers, electronics, toys and household needs, and soon more. Everything in the cart has to be NextDay-eligible and total more than $35 to qualify."

"This more limited focus in terms of inventory (for now at least) makes NextDay more of a competitor to Target’s Restock than to Amazon one-day Prime ambitions, as — like Restock — it requires a $35 minimum order. Restock, though, has customers “filling a box” with items and is largely focused on day-to-day shopping. Meanwhile, Walmart’s NextDay selection is wider than Restock’s some 35,000 items."

"This past October, Walmart expanded two-day shipping to its Marketplace sellers, as well. Now, it’s focused on one-day. Walmart says this is not in response to Amazon’s news, but rather had plans already in progress."

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