What Does Experiential Retail Even Mean These Days?

What Does Experiential Retail Even Mean These Days?

This article discusses what makes a retail experience meaningful. Executives in retail design, experience, and real estate agreed that the main elements of meaningful retail experience are localization, service, and shareability.

Key findings

Factors like funding and community priorities impact the ability of companies to implement experiential stores in all of their locations. Some communities prioritize speed and convenience over an inspiring experience, making an experiential concept less effective at that location.

Another key component of experiential retail is its shareability. Brands try to make spaces worthy of sharing on social media without making the intent of shareability feel forced.

Brands also strive to have a brand identity that spreads across all of their locations while still making each location unique and relevant to its place. This might include hiring local artists or drawing from local culture to make each location feel apart of its surroundings.

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