Empty Seats, Full streets

Empty Seats, Full streets

This report examines the impact of TNC growth on traffic conditions in the Manhattan Central Business District (CBD), defined as 60 Street to the Battery, river to river. Using newly available data on TNC trips, the report presents a more detailed analysis of CBD traffic conditions than has been possible previously, isolating the impact of TNC growth in the Manhattan CBD during the most congested part of the day -- weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Key findings

A modest growth in TNC/Taxi rides results in a service increase in VMT.

These findings thus underscore the important role for public policy in managing traffic impacts as the day of shared autonomous fleets in its major urban centers approaches.

A regulatory response to reduce unoccupied vehicles should include TNC and yellow cab companies and drivers who would be affected by a mandate to reduce unoccupied time as well as public officials responsible for adoption and implementation of such a policy.

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