Here's What Could Happen to America's Hundreds of Dead Malls

Here's What Could Happen to America's Hundreds of Dead Malls

Many traditional malls have come up with creative ways to transform themselves to stay relevant in the 21st century and maintain sources of revenue as store closures rise. The typical malls with large atriums, department stores, food courts, and parking lots are finding new uses for these spaces including fitness centers, apartments, event spaces, markets, and mini theme parks.

Key findings

“Hundreds of malls and thousands of mall-based stores have shuttered in the past two decades, and many more may close within the next 10 years.”

“Closed department stores will likely become other businesses that can benefit from the large square-footage, like fitness centers, churches, offices, public libraries, and even medical clinics.”

"The 'Main Street' was killed by the mall, so developers are trying to build new downtowns inside the malls."

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