Jersey City and Via Launch First On-Demand Public Bus Service in the State

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Jersey City and Via Launch First On-Demand Public Bus Service in the State

In 2020, the microtransit company. “Via” partnered with Jersey City to provide on-demand car rides to underserved communities whose mass public transit routes had been canceled due to low ridership during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. The company aims to complement existing transit which operates comprehensively and frequently in the central areas of Jersey City. Via offers rides outside of this well-served district but not within to minimize competition with public transit. The same company launched in Arlington, Texas in 2017. Arlington, which was the largest city in America without a public transit system, opted to contract Via to provide an alternative transportation mode to driving in a personal vehicle. The on-demand service offers point-to-point rides within Arlington and connections to intercity train stations to Dallas-Fort Worth.

Key findings

Via recorded that 60% of rides in Jersey City had the purpose of connecting to transit.

  Via claims that public transit ridership in Arlington, Texas has increased tenfold since 2017, and as of 2020, the service reduced VMT by 400,000.

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