New Mobility in the Right-of-Way

New Mobility in the Right-of-Way

This report categorizes and summarizes efforts that are already underway in cities across the world to rethink curb management, to outline the key takeaways from the one-day workshop that involved city staff from Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, and to identify major research gaps.

Key findings

The curb is a finite resource and it needs to be managed more comprehensively than it has been in the past. This means looking at its various uses and then prioritizing those uses in ways that are most likely to achieve desired outcomes.

Cities need to gather more data about the curb in order to better understand current usage patterns. This information will help inform decisions about how space should be allocated, and what regulatory or pricing mechanisms may be needed.

Cities need to prepare for the deployment of autonomous vehicles, but they also need to improve current conditions, which in most cases prioritize automobiles over people.

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