Planning for Density in a Driverless World

Planning for Density in a Driverless World

Currently, little planning is being done to prepare for driverless technology. Actors at multiple levels, however, have tools at their disposal to help ensure that new technology does not come at the expense of the nation’s remaining natural habitats. This Article advocates for a shift in paradigm from policies that are merely anti-car to those that are pro-density, and provides suggestions for both cities and suburban areas for how harness the positive aspects of driverless cars while trying to stem the negative. Planning for density regardless of technology will help to ensure that, for the world of the future, there is actually a world.

Key findings

Continued support and funding for public transportation can support the integration of driverless cars.

Implementing congestion pricing in a driverless world will internalize some of the consequences of driving city to suburb and allow us to continue to encourage people to live close to work and to take public transit.

Driverless fleets could help reduce congestion and support the use of public transit.

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