Preferences for Shared autonomous vehicles

Preferences for Shared autonomous vehicles

"This article intends to advance future research about the travel behavior impacts of SAVs, by identifying the characteristics of users who are likely to adopt SAV services and by eliciting willingness to pay measures for service attributes. The results show that service attributes including travel cost, travel time and waiting time may be critical determinants of the use of SAVs and the acceptance of DRS. Differences in willingness to pay for service attributes indicate that SAVs with DRS and SAVs without DRS are perceived as two distinct mobility options. The results imply that the adoption of SAVs may differ across cohorts, whereby young individuals and individuals with multimodal travel patterns may be more likely to adopt SAVs."

Key findings

Results suggest that service attributes including travel time, waiting time and fares are significant determinants of SAV use and DRS acceptance.

Current car-sharing users are relatively more likely to use SAVs with DRS.

Market penetration rates may be greater among young travelers.

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