Scooters Quenching Thirst in Chicago’s Transit Deserts

Scooters Quenching Thirst in Chicago’s Transit Deserts

Chicago’s pilot electronic-scooter program is proving to be a hit with low-income residents who have few transit choices in their far-flung neighborhoods.

Key findings

The study, which examined ridership figures during a 12-hour period in July, found that people in low-income communities are embracing scooters and using them where they do not have access to transit.

The number of e-scooters in these disadvantaged areas never falls below 40 percent and is typically closer to 45 percent. This distribution is much more balanced across neighborhood types than is typically achieved by dock-based bike-sharing systems.

The study found an average of 1,486 scooters and 2,620 trips taken during the day they measured, with an average trip distance of two miles.

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