The Reimagined Car: Shared, Autonomous, and Electric

The Reimagined Car: Shared, Autonomous, and Electric

This report estimates that by 2030, a substantial share of the 175 million Americans who live in the nation's largest cities will turn to SAEVs, cutting transportation costs by nearly 50%, reclaiming time instead of losing hours a day to traffic and putting up with all the expense and hassle of urban automobile ownership. SAEV fleets will account for nearly 25% of all auto passenger miles traveled in the US by 2030. Such a change will have an enormous impact on health, safety, and quality of life in cities: Traffic accidents and fatalities will be reduced by nearly two-thirds. Pollution will be drastically curtailed. Cities can repurpose millions of square feet once used for parking to new green spaces or commercial uses while securing more affordable mobility and accessibility for elderly, disabled, and low-income people.

Key findings

Using SAEVs could cut costs for someone that just uses their car for work and errands by $6,000 a year.

It is estimated that public transportation use will go down by about 20%.

For this to work, it is estimated that investments need to be made into fleets early, and those who get left behind will have a harder time catching up.

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