The Twelve Steps of Sprawl Recovery

The Twelve Steps of Sprawl Recovery

The storm clouds of sprawl addiction had been gathering for years, but it took the Meltdown and the ensuing Great Recession to make it clear just how damaging that addiction had been to the health of cities across the US and abroad. Sprawl has two really big things going for it, but three even bigger things now going against it which are poised to turn the tide against the pattern of sprawl.

Key findings

The enablers of sprawl were a group of development industry organizations that seamlessly moved forward with projects such as strip malls, office parks, and large department stores.

The workers designed for these developments are going against the grain, first looking for a city, neighborhood, and home to live, then finding a job there. Not going where the job takes them.

The 12-step recovery program follows the millennial's way of thinking - starting with the sense of place and recreating a community within an urban, sprawling area.

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