Two-Way Street Conversion: Evidence of Increased Livability in Louisville

Two-Way Street Conversion: Evidence of Increased Livability in Louisville

"While recent policies directed toward multimodal or complete streets have encouraged increased funding for bicycle- and pedestrian oriented projects, many streets are still plagued by unsafe conditions. This is especially true for one-way streets, which studies show often create unsafe crossing conditions. This study evaluates changes to street dynamics after a two-way street conversion in Louisville, Kentucky. We find that traffic flow increased after implementation of two-way flow, but traffic accidents decreased. We also note other ancillary benefits, such as increase in property values and reduced crime. These results provide evidence that conversions can promote mobility, safety, and livability."

Key findings

"Converting one-way to two-way streets can result in reduced traffic collisions, reduced crime, and improved property values."

"Reduced traffic speeds and improved safety can allow streets to blossom with improvements: benches, trees and plantings, bike lanes, community gardens, public art, building renovations and improved property."

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