Micromobility in Cities: A History and Policy Overview

Micromobility in Cities: A History and Policy Overview

"With this white paper, we hope to explore the rapidly changing and disruptive nature of micromobility, and provide city officials useful information to deploy micromobility options in a safe, profitable and equitable way. We begin by defining micromobility and exploring the recent history of docked and dockless bikes and e-scooters. We then explore the challenges and opportunities facing cities, and illustrate a few examples of cities that are addressing these issues head-on. We conclude with a set of recommendations cities can consider as they work to regulate these new mobility technologies."

Key findings

The importance of getting out in front of surprise deployments is critical to being able to steer the direction of the e-scooter conversation and be able to plan for how they can benefit the city.

Pilot programs can help figure out necessary policies and infrastructure needed before a full commitment is made.

It is suggested that accessibility and equity issues are of the main focus with e-scooter deployment planning.

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