Now Arriving: A Connected Mobility Roadmap for Public Transport

Now Arriving: A Connected Mobility Roadmap for Public Transport

This report is the culmination of the Connected Mobility Initiative launched by the New Cities Foundation in June 2015. "The primary aim of the initiative is to explore the triple convergence of “mobility” — physical, digital, and socio economic — and to propose strategies and steps of this transformation while ameliorating its potentially corrosive effects on public institutions. To this end, the report is split between brief policies of four cities Washington, D.C., London, Sao Paulo, and Manila — facing challenges representative of their respective peers, along with a list of near-, mid-, and long-term recommendations for transport authorities to aid them in their transformations.

Key findings

Near term strategies: 1. Create steering committees to assess new technologies, 2. Know what data you have, what data you needs, and what you can do with it, 3. Cross-train staff to build capacity and discover opportunities, 4. Leverage, re-use, and repurpose physical assets and infrastructure, 5. Rethink commuter benefits strategies and car-pooling, 6. Explore demand-shaping and peak-shifting through real-time incentives.

Mid-term Strategies: 1. Create "connected mobility labs" to assess new technologies, 2. Create a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) roadmap, 3. Launch a microtransit pilot, 4. Rethink informal transit, 5. Rethink parking, zoning, and land-use policies.

Longer-term Strategies: 1. Transition from transport operators to mobility managers, 2. Embrace connected mobility while bridging the digital divide, 3. Launch an autonomous vehicle (AV) pilot.

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